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    So you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Colossians 3:1

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    ATV Radio is designed to bring you top quality from top talents in the industry. Here is a little bit about the founders.

    Mike Stone

    Nowadays, music doesn't stand up quite as strong as it used to, but when you listen to Mike Stone's music & remixes, you feel the emphasis of how he intends to keep the music in the pocket with the 'On-point' originality he brings, and you really can't help but be blown away.

    Mike hails from the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois. He has been into music since he was 3 years old. In fact, one of his great uncles remembers the time when he was a little boy, he was spinning 45 records on his toe at the age of 3. His uncle was one of the first family members to realize what Mike's musical future was going to become.

    Mike was already a music lover at an early childhood age. Any time he heard a certain song, he would research on that artist, and would remember who that artist was, and what song it was. Up to this day, he is a "walking encyclopedia of music".

    He began studying music at the age of 7. His first two instruments were the Flute and Piano. After accomplishing those two instruments, he went on to learn the Drums, Percussion, and Bass in his teenage years. By the time he graduated from High School, he went on to College to study about the Computer Information Technology: first at Eastern Illinois University, then over at DeVry Institute Of Technology (now known as DeVry University). After achieving his Degree status, he went on to pursue a career in the Information Technology sector.

    David Storm Ruffin

    My name is David Storm Ruffin. Some people say that the eyes are the keys to the soul, I think it's music…Welcome to the world of David Storm Ruffin.

    From an early age, music has been more than a hobby to me. It is a serious passion. I understand the importance of developing my Dj'ing techniques and Production skills but I also want to have an in-depth knowledge of music and the way in which it has evolved over the years. Music is something I feel very passionate about, my experience in various areas of the industry has fed this passion and I am very keen to strive towards a career in this very area. Although being 43 years of age I am pushing myself as far as need be to achieve where I want to be in the future.

    Keep your feet on the ground and your ear to the sky! Where will you be when Storm comes!

    DJ b THE DHM

    I am DJ b THE DHM i hal from NYC . I have been doing house music for many years. I recently formed the Co. 3 Puerto Ricans & A Blackman Productions to bring new and exciting talent to the house music community.

    I also DJ throughout the states with my partners DJ TOMMY RIOS,DJ EDDIE SANTANA and DJ HEADMASTER. I've worked with many artist also preparing new artists. Our new and up and coming star ANGELA ANDERLE is a talent to be reconized be on the look out for our new single coming out called THE VOICE!!!!!

    Written and performed by Ms Angela Anderle.


    Michael Alan

    Michael Alan has been a factor on the Soulful House music scene since 1986. Attracted to the art of DJ-ing during the late 70’s Michael Alan would listen to the radio for hours in order to compile certain songs on tape; then he would splice the various cassette tapes to create extended versions or remixes of those songs. In order to build his blending and cutting skills, he would practice using a portable radio and tape player along with his parent’s record collection and turntable. His musical ear, crowd reading and technical skill set was sharpened by studying the likes of some of New Yorks’s legendary dj’s: Frankie Crocker, John Robinson, Louie Vega, Tony Humphries and Funkmaster Flex.

    By the end of the 80’s he was doing guest slots at house parties, roller skating rinks, youth clubs and block parties throughout Upstate New York and Toronto Canada with some of the area’s hottest DJ crews. Michael then took his growing talent on the road to various cities before ending up in Washington D.C. where he played under the moniker of (The Unknown Factor). Playing at some of the areas best House music clubs including: Club Red, The Bank and The Ritz just to name a few along side some of the industry’s best DJs including: DJ Spen and Sam Burns. He garnered enough attention from his creatively mixed, sweat inducing, emotionally draining DJ sets that he would be called upon to fill out some of the most musically diverse clubs, gigs, raves and concerts with premier artist and DJs like: Joe Claussell, Osunlade, E-Man, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Kid Kapri, Frankie Feliciano, Arnold Jarvis, Cassio Ware, Peven Everett, Kenny Bobien, Glen Underground, Moby and Jamiroquai in cities such as San Francisco, California and international in places such as Naples Italy, Palma de Mallorca Spain, and Malaga Spain.

    Still in search of a deeper experience his travels would take him further south. In 1997 Michael moved to Atlanta, GA. Flipping through radio stations he was pleasantly surprised to hear house music being played on WRFG 89.3 fm. Intrigued to find house south of the Mason Dixon line he called the station and was advised to visit the famous Yin Yang Café. Michael was told to reach out to resident promoter and host of the Wednesday poetry set Kimbo Tom (executive producer of VH1’s Master of the Mix). After only 20 minutes of listening to Michael’s mix in his car, Kimbo immediately made Michael his resident dj. During Michael’s Ying Yang residency, some of Atlanta’s most magical nights were to occur with the likes of some of todays hottest artist Floetry, Kelis, Donnie and India Arie to name a few. You could also here Michael’s dj expertise on the airways on various radio stations before joining the overnight house music program “Moods and Grooves” on WRFG. During this period Michael also teamed up with Rob “Bruce Banner” Fitzgibbons to form the dj crew ThundaKatz.

    In 2006, Michael teamed up with Calvin Morgan to form the Soulful House Music Party, Podcast and DJ team “SWEAT”. During this time MichaelAlan also began to write music reviews for and provide mix shows for Tone Griffin and his SoleNotes of House news letter.

    The story continues…


    Trust Remix – Shannon Renee (2010)
    A’s Zone – Play Records (2003)
    You Can Feel – Play Records (2003)

    Submit your promo’s, remix request, demos and booking request to:
    Twitter: @djmichaelalan
    Instagram: djmichaelalan
    AIM: MicAlanSweatDeepHouse
    Skype: DjMichaelAlan


    Jude Hazel a.k.a DJ Fonixx was born in Brooklyn N.Y. and currently lives in South Florida. A love for music began at a very early age and has come full circle with the evolution of his DJ career as well as music production.

    Since 2008 DJ Fonixx has been spinning grooves for audiences abroad. Playing mostly at private parties, weddings, corporate functions & rare guest appearances at clubs keeps DJ Fonixx busy.

    Currently making mixes for his audience online he's known to be a blending DJ that keeps the crowd moving. Genres are flexible in his catalog from Hip Hop, Dance, Latin, R&B, Soul, and Pop. But his love genre is soul music. New rare grooves keep him loving the craft itself. DJ Fonixx launched his company SoulBaby Entertainment in 2012 and has been on the rise ever since. Be on the look out for South Florida's own DJ Fonixx

  • Album Reviews

    Ondagroove Review

    Brit living in Barcelona, Spain since 2001. Ex resident DJ at Heaven & Mink Bikini (London), Discoteque & La Terrrazza (Barcelona), Ondagroove’s style is soulful, funky, jazzy & deep. It’s all about the groove...Non exclusive remixer for Kingdom Digital Music Group Ondagroove Beatport

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    Luca Cucchetti began his career as a disc jockey in 1982, successfully working in Roman clubs such as Much More, Piper, Veleno, a club where he christened the career of Lorenzo Cherubini(Jovanotti).

    Devourer of house, techno and new electronica in general, in the nineties he was one of the mostimportant disc jockeys and promoters of Italian Raves (Bresaola 1991 - Ombrellaro 1992).He has been the art director of Qube from 1994 to 1998, launching the cult party 'MuccaAssassina'.He worked as speaker at Radio Centro Suono and produced many megamixes for most important Italian networks.He has been working as director and not only, for twelve years at Rai Radio 2; disc jockey and event organizer at DJazz Set, Villa Celimontana (Rome) and helped launching the Gay Village, hosting a live radio show at the event. He has remixed and produced "The House of God", a landmark songf or all hard techno house productions of all the times.He has produced and collaborated with artists such as Orlando Johnson, LA Style, Eric Daniel,Robba de Quadraro, Mad D.J.'s Band, Claudio Simonetti, Giuseppe Sabbatini.He had some important international experiences spinning records on the disco console of The Cave (Miami), Space and Super Paradise (Mykonos), Boccaccio (Gent), Fun Factory, Mazzo, Medusa (Amsterdam), the only italian disc jockey at the World Party event in Brussels and in 2009 he has been a special guest at Ground Zero (with an audience of 35,000 people) and Dance Valley in Holland (60,000).In 2009 he released his first album as solo artist "DA NESSUN DORMAA OH GOD IN MY ASS"featuring many artists of international caliber.He is also the owner of the record label Quarto Miglio Quality Music.Since 2010 he is the art director of an FM radio and a WEB one and has the aim of getting more media platforms as possible,evolving like our society, always more technological, and is already in the plans the extension ofthe radio programs in the DVB-T Digital Terrestrial TV, DAB digital radio and Podcasts. A non exclusive remixer for Kingdom Digital Music Group

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    Mushroom Boyz “Slave Song 2012 Mixes” Incl. Stephen Rigmaiden & Jason Chieron Mixes

    It’s time for Smooth Agent to drop some deep African grooves with the 2012 mixes of the Mushroom Boyz “Slave Song”. The original “Slave Song” was included on the acclaimed “Naheng EP”. This sets includes four different perspectives to the classics song. First up is Cali’s house ledgend Stephen Rigmaiden giving his rendition for the deep peak hour dancefloor., Up second is Amsterdam’s Jason Chieron who is a rising star with his intricate afro productions.

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    BeeKay Deep “Soul Is” EP

    Smooth Agent Tracks is back with a release with Greece’s Beekay Deep with the “Soul Is” EP. This ep features 3 original track titled “Soul Is”, My Own Part&Soul” & That’s Right Featuring Danni Grant. All original tracks are in the vein of Deep House & Tech house BeeKay Deep is know for.

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  • experiencing the mic


    ATV Radio - Above the Vibe is world community of visionaries and champions celebrating faith - liberation – and unity in word, in sports, and music. Experiencing the Mic is programming that uplifts listeners in the drum of the soul.

    Revelation the Gospel According to House

    Pastor Angela Anderle brings house music and the gospel together to address spiritual, theological, social justice, and other needs of its listeners in over 57 countries. As co owner of ATV radio, Anderle seeks to provide a platform for artists and community leaders to radically transform and bring people together from around the world.

    DJ B and 3 Puerto Ricans and a Black Man Productions

    Beats2Blends w/MichaelAlan

    Beats2Blends is a weekly hour long journey exploring the mind of a serial mixer and beat magnate that is MichaelAlan.

    J Fonixx - The Eklectic Soul Cafe

    The best in rare grooves & organic hip hop from current and past soul artists of today. The format stimulates the minds of soulful music lovers abroad.


    The heart rocking of R&B, the scat pizzazz of Jazz, the rhythmic rhyme of Hip Hop, the hymnotic chords of Gospel, and the body move of House music harmonize an atmosphere of expressive imagination as a part of God’s creation. Live sessions and exclusive mixes recorded only for ATV radio contribute to Experiencing the Mic supporting it’s listeners in ordinary days, challenges, and victories of everyday life.


    The message of ATV radio Experiencing the Mic speaks to give life, strengthen global integrity in peace, and witnesses to love. The voice of ATV strives to be heard as an instrument that builds up humanity against all forms of oppression and everything that contradicts our understanding that nothing can separate us from the love of God.


    The accomplishments and sacrifices of women and men in sports are a part of Experiencing the Mic. Athlete’s gifts, perseverance, proven leadership, commitment to community and excellence are highlighted by ATV radio as models of the value of sportsmanship and teamwork needed for a global community.

    ATV Radio

    We live - We are Above the Vibe - ATV Radio


    This captivating beautiful gem comes from Chicago,the birthplace of house! Coming from the gospel scene, singing along side or backgrounds with greats such as Carroll Dennis of Los Angeles, Gina Thurston and Kim Stratton to name a few. She transitioned to the professional house music scene with instant success. Singing background and hooks with members of the Jungle Wonz, and upcoming new releases in 2014 with Harry Dennis. Look for Kim Jay on the new Chicago label Kingdom.

    Kim Jay

    Kim Jay - love come down
  • trail blazers then and now

    S.O.A. Music (Sounds of Ali)

    S.O.A. was established in 2013 by Sean Ali, one of the members of SOL4ORCE to become a safe haven to groom and shape house music artists. SOA specializes and highlights soulful house, jazz house, Afro house and Latin house. The sound is mature with an infectious feel to it. Key players to bring the sound and style together are singer, songwriter and vocal arranger Sheree Hicks who has had many releases in the past few years and has also been a chart topper with sounds created by Sean Ali. RaShaan Houston, another heavyweight and vocal stylist who is a seasoned singer and performer among other great talents. Jeffrey Timms who is a high tenor and has a gospel background. We specialize in authentic sounds created by live musicians, seasoned writers and vocal arrangers and we pride ourselves in creating a product of quality from the start of the creation until the end. We only use the best studios and engineers who mix and master our music to get a crisp, clean sound. We are built on a solid foundation with loyalty and integrity when it comes to our artists. Be on the look out for a wonderful catalog of timeless music and some new house music classics!

    Frankie Knuckles

    Knuckles was born January 18, 1955[3][4] in The Bronx, New York; he later moved to Chicago. He played an important role in developing and popularizing house music in Chicago during the 1980s when the genre was in its infancy. Due to his importance in the development of the genre, Knuckles was often known as "The Godfather of House Music."[5] The city of Chicago named a stretch of street and a day after Knuckles in 2004 for this role. His accomplishments earned him a Grammy Award in 1997. Knuckles was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in 2005 as recognition for his achievements.

    Rev. Ramah E. Wright

    Ramah E. Wright is a graduate of Garrett Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, where she received a Master of Divinity Degree.

    Rev. Ramah E. Wright serves as the Associate Pastor to Women on the pastoral staff of Covenant United Church of Christ in South Holland, Illinois. She is also the co-founder of Sistahs In Sync, Inc., an organization dedicated to promoting a spirit of cooperation and interdependence among women that fosters a healthy and productive future for blended families.

    Rev. Wright is a native of Chicago, Illinois, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Chicago State University. For nineteen years, she taught high school mathematics and served as the math lab coordinator in the Chicago Public School system.

    In 2004, Rev. Wright earned the Master of Divinity degree from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. As a result of her commitment to God, her ministry to the people of God, and her academic training, Trinity United Church of Christ called her to serve as the Associate Pastor for Adolescents (Teens) and Women in 2005. In January, 2010, she was ordained by the Chicago Metropolitan Association of the United Church of Christ.

    Rev. Ramah is married to the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Prior to Dr. Wright’s retirement as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, they served together as copartners in ministry to over 8,000 members. They are the proud parents of a blended family of five children and they have three grandchildren.

    A native of Chicago, Rev. Ramah earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mathematics from Chicago State University, and taught high school mathematics for 19 years.

    Rev. Ramah’s favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

    Sistahs In Sync, Inc. is dedicated to promoting a spirit of cooperation and interdependence among women that fosters a healthy and productive future for blended families.

    • To equip women to work together collaboratively and respectfully, in an effort to raise healthy children in blended families.
    • To provide support and encouragement for women through workshops, retreats, discussion groups and other gatherings.
    • To produce printed resources that offer inspiration, hope, and positive role models for women raising children in blended families.
    • To set an example for future generations.



  • More Than Conquerors

    Bruce Capers

    Professional athlete, successful business executive, motivational speaker, spokesperson, ...

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    Pokey Chatman

    Now entering into her fourth season coaching in the WNBA, Pokey Chatman is driven to bring success to the Sky organization.

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  • Sports Events

    GM/Head Coach Pokey Chatman and Coach Christie Sides

    WNBA Chicago Sky celebrating National Girl's Women in Sports Day in the community with Polished Pebbles.

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    Coach Christie Sides

    Working the drill with pros of the future.

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    Chicago Sky Cares

    Celebrating Community

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    LA Sparks Champion Stars

    Founded: 1997 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Home Court: STAPLES Center
    Colors: Purple, Gold, & Teal
    WNBA Championships: 2 (2001, 2002)
    Conference Championships: 3 (2001, 2002, 2003)
    Playoff Appearances: 15 Total (1999-2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015)
    WNBA Awards MVP: Nneka Ogwumike; Defensive Player of the Year Sylvia Fowles; Coach of the Year Cheryl Reeve; Jantel Lavender Sixth Woman of the Year
    Head Coach: Brian Agler
    General Manager: Penny Toler
    Ownership Group: Investment Group Led By Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Mark R. Walter

    read more

    Chicago Sky Armed with All-Stars

    Founded: 2006
    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Home Court: Allstate Arena
    Colors: Sky Blue Yellow White
    Conference Championships: (2014)
    Playoff Appearances: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
    WNBA Awards MVP: Elena Delle Donne, Defensive Player of the Year Sylvia Fowles and 2013 Rookie of the Year Elena Delle Donne.
    Head Coach: Pokey Chatman
    General Manager: Pokey Chatman

    read more

    Minnesota Lynx

    Founded: 1999
    Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Home court: Target Center
    Colors: Blue Grean Light Blue Silver, White
    WNBA Championships: 2011, 2013, 2015
    Conference Championships: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
    WNBA Awards MVP: Nneka Ogwumike; Defensive Player of the Year Sylvia Fowles; Sixth woman of the Year Jantel Lavender; Coach of the Year Cheryl Reeve MVP (Finals 2013) Maya Moore MVP (2014)
    Head Coach: Cheryl Reeve
    General Manager: Roger Griffith
    Owner: Glen Taylor

    read more

    New York Liberty

    Founded: 1996
    Rebecca Lobo and Teresa Weatherspoon joined as the team’s first players and the franchise name and logo were introduced.
    Hometown: New York
    Home Court: Madison Square Garden
    Colors: Green Black Orange Blue, White
    4 WNBA Finals Appearances: (1997, 1999, 2000, 2002)
    3 Eastern Conference Championships: (1999, 2000, 2002)
    WNBA Awards: Brittany Boyd and Kiah Stokes for WNBA All-Rookie Team; Kiah Stokes, Tanisha Wright, Tina Charles for WNBA All-Defensive Second Team; Tina Charles for All-WNBA First Team; Epiphanny Prince for All-WNBA Second Team; Bill Laimbeer for WNBA Coach of the Year.

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    Upcoming Events

    Here you will find useful links to help you keep track of your favorite teams.

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    Curtis McClain Live
    Sky Cares 2014 Sylvia Fowles
    Ericka BMorehouse
    3 Puerto Ricans & A Black Man
    Amber Tyler & Lesley Howard
    Elena Delle Donne
    Quint Lattimore "The Limitless"
    Quint Lattimore "The Limitless"
    Chicago Sky Cares
    Coach Christie
    Polished Pebbles
    Tommy Rios
    S.O.A Sean Ali, Sheree Hicks
    Sean Alvarez House of Blues
    Charlie Chase Circa 1980
    Coming home off the road
    Dj B the DHM
    Angela Anderle ATV Sports Media
    Angela, Darryl
    Dave Maze Master Mix Academy
    Eastern Conference Champions
    Kim Jay Harry Dennis
    Angela Anderle, Chip E
    WNBA President Laurel Richie
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    Chicago Sky Cares
    Deep Sugar, Baltimore
    DJ Craig,'em, Shawn “Riff Raff”
    Diana Taurasi WNBA
    I Am God's Fav!, Reach
    Angela Anderle
    Michael Alan spinning
    Michael Alan
    Brittney Griner & Candice Dupree
    Chicago Sky Logo 2015
    Mike Stone, Angela Anderle
    David Storm Ruffin
    David Storm Ruffin
    Couch Music Design Recording
    Ultra Nate and DHM
    Legends of House Music
    Keith Reed - Sports Connection
    Kim, Angie, Angela
    NYE with Peace RTG
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  • Who we are


    The Home of Soulful House, Classic R&B, Christian Music and Sports!

    So you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Colossians 3:1. The life of God above us is the life within us. The life of God above us is within us and all around us. Above the Vibe Radio is a movement that seeks to live the oneness of God in Christ with one another. In Christ, we live love, live joy, live hope of above to build up humanity against all forms of oppression and everything that contradicts our understanding that nothing can separate us from the love of God. ATV works to accomplish this by providing programming that captures the passion of DJs, artists, athletes, and community leaders from around the world. By capturing passion, ATV hopes to run alongside its listeners with perseverance in global challenges and celebrate life living “Above the Vibe.”

    Donc, vous avez etes eleves avec le Christ, cherchez les choses qui sont au dessus de nous, où le Christ est assis à la droite de Dieu. Colossiens 3:01.

    La vie de Dieu au-dessus de nous, c'est la vie en nous. La vie de Dieu au-dessus de nous est en nous et autour de nous. Au-dessus de la ligne ambiante est un mouvement qui cherche à vivre l'unicité de Dieu dans le Christ avec l'autre. Dans le Christ, nous vivons l'amour, vivons la joie, l’espoir reel d’édifier l'humanité contre toutes les formes d'oppression et tout ce qui contredit notre compréhension que rien ne peut nous séparer de l'amour de Dieu. ATV fonctionne à atteindre cet objectif en offrant une programmation qui capture la passion de djs, artistes, athlètes et des dirigeants communautaires de partout dans le monde. En capturant la passion, ATV espère evoluer aux côtés de ses auditeurs avec la persévérance face aux défis mondiaux et célébrer la vie vivante "Au-dessus de la ligne ambiante."

    Angela Anderle
    Pastor Angela Anderle is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ and presently serves as pastoral support for the Prison Ministry preaching in state and federal correctional facilities. As a native to Chicago’s south side, she ministers to young adults in her community and assists various community organizations and churches by directing the development of their programs. At Ravenswood Presbyterian Church she served as Director of the Young Adult Dance Ministry, bible study instructor, and Adult Vacation Bible School facilitator. Her passion of reaching out to urban youth and young adults at In His Grip Ministries led her to be the non for profits first Associate Pastor ordained as Director of Connections Ministry. Angela has also served adults through Christian Education media services as guest host and co-facilitator of the International Sunday School Broadcast under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Janette Wilson.

    As media correspondent Angela presently conducts post game interviews for WNBA coaching staff and players. She has conducted one on one interviews with: Laurel Richie (WNBA president), Angel McCoughtry (Atlanta Dream), Brittney Griner (Phoenix Mercury), Elena Delle Donne (Chicago Sky).

    Her love of music, her experiences in various choirs, and her passion for dance and ministry led her to create and produce the international internet radio show “Revelation: The Gospel According to House.” Angela uses house music and the gospel to address spiritual, theological, social justice, and other needs of its listeners in over 57 countries.

    Her gifts of teaching and preaching have led one of her selected sermons to be published for the book “These Sisters Can Say It II.” The book highlights various African American women preachers from throughout the country.

    Angela is a Cum Laude graduate of Tuskegee University with a BS in Psychology & has a Masters of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary. Upon graduating with academic honors she also received a Field Award for Ministry from the faculty.

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    MMGI Publishing

    Darryl Sims - Managing Partner

    MMGI Books is a Christian based company committed to producing and selling engaging material that seeks to challenge and encourage individuals to be their best as followers of Christ. MMGI Books Founder & CEO, Darryl Sims has worked in the Christian publishing industry for over (10) years. MMGI Books is strategically located in Chicago, IL, which serves as a pivotal centerpiece of the U.S. and the Christian community. MMGI Publishing

    Reach Movement

    WNBA Chicago Sky

  • Bruce Capers

    Capers Enterprise

    Bruce Capers - President / CEO

    Professional athlete, successful business executive, motivational speaker, spokesperson, educator, championship winning high school and college basketball coach. Personal statement: I am truly an example of it takes a village to raise a child. My parents led by example and left a legacy of making a difference in the lives of others. I embrace the responsibility to keep their legacy alive by using my platform and experiences to encourage others to reach their full potential. My passion for the game of Basketball as a professional player and coach has allowed me to teach the game of life, and life lessons are continuous and ongoing for me as well.

    Capers Enterprise

  • Pokey Chatman

    Chicago Sky

    Pokey Chatman - General Manager & Head Coatch

    Now entering into her fourth season coaching in the WNBA, Pokey Chatman is driven to bring success to the Sky organization. In 2013, she led the Sky to their first playoff berth in Sky history while finishing atop the Eastern Conference with a 24-10 record.

    Chatman was named head coach of the Chicago Sky on Oct. 29, 2010. In the 2011 season, Chatman led a young Sky squad to a 14-20 record with a winning record at home for only the second time in the organization’s history. Through sheer determination, she rallied the team to beat several of the most talented teams in the league. An expert at guiding young, talented players, the organization’s future looks promising.

    Chatman came to the Sky after coaching professional women’s basketball in Russia and 15 years on the coaching staff at Louisiana State University (LSU), her alma mater.

    She served two seasons as an assistant coach for the Russian Spartak Moscow Region before being promoted to head coach in 2010. That year, she led her team to a perfect 16-0 record in Euroleague, the most competitive European basketball league, and also claimed the esteemed 2010 Euroleague Championship. Chatman also helped coach the traditionally unsuccessful Slovakian national women’s team narrowly miss a spot in the FIBA World Championship.

    Chatman was named head coach of the LSU Lady Tigers in the 2003-2004 season, when Sue Gunter was forced to take medical leave mid-season. Chatman went a remarkable 47-3 in her first 50 games as head coach, the second best starting record in women’s basketball history. She later took the Tigers to three consecutive finished in the Final Four. In her first full season as head coach, she was named the U.S. Basketball Writers Association National Coach of the Year, Women’s Basketball Coaches Association National Coach of the Year, Naismith National Coach of the Year, and the Victor Award Female Coach of the Year. Chatman earned a coaching record of 90-14 with the Lady Tigers in three season as head coach and 15 seasons overall.

    She has earned two gold medals with USA basketball, one as a player for the Junior National Team in 1987 and another as an assistant coach of the World University Team in 2005.

    As an LSU point guard from 1987-1991, Chatman led the Lady Tigers to their first ever SEC Tournament title in 1991, and earned recognition as the tournament’s MVP. In her college career, she was named All-SEC three times, named Kodak All-American in 1991 and set 20 school records.

    Chatman earned her Bachelor’s Degree from LSU in December of 1991. She is originally from Ama, Louisiana.